This page is designed to inform Yosh's overseas friends of his life at home.

Visit Europe (April-May 2005)

Yoshi visited Germany, Switzland and Austria. You can enjoy nice pictures Yoshi took.

Visit Nagoya in 2004 (April 2004)

Yoshi drove to West and visited Nagoya, third largest metropolitan area in Japan.

Cherry Blossoms in 2004 (April 2004)

Spring has come and cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Enjoy virtual sightseeing to Japan to see beautiful landscapes with cherry blossoms.

A Happy New Year (January 2004)

We had a snow in Tokyo just after X mas. Yoshi report about Japanese new year celebration. You can enjoy nice view of Mt. Fuji with snow.

Spring in Japan (April 2003)

Chrry blossoms are in full bloom again. Enjoy armchair blossoms watching in famous sightseeing spot in Japan.

Happy Holidays in 2002/2003 (December 2002)

Shopping season has come. Yoshi reports one of the most trendy shopping mall in Tokyo.

Autumn Leaves and Hot Spa (October 2002)

Yoshi drove to north Japan and enjoyed beautiful Autumn leaves watch and Hot Spa

Girls' Dolls Festival (March 2001) 

March 3 is the Girls Dolls' festival and fathers have good reason to drink Sake.

 Visiting Mountainside to see Autumn leaves (in Nov. 2000) 

Yoshi visited mountainside to see Autumn leaves and enjoy hot spring.

Trip to Canada (in July 2000) 

Yoshi visited Canadian Rocky and met a lot of wild life.

Fireworks (in May 2000) 

 Fireworks display was made  in the middle of rice fields which were filled with water and fireworks  were beautifully reflected in the water. 

Visiting village in the mountain side (in May 2000)

 Yoshi visited historic  village in the mountainside where unique style of houses registered as "The World Heritage" are there. 

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom (in April 2000)

 Spring has come again. For those who are living outside of Japan, you can enjoy the Y2K Hanami (to enjoy cherry blossoms watching and drink Sake under the tree) here.

Visit to Kyoto (in February 2000) 

 Yoshi visited Kyoto, one of the most famous sightseeing spot in Japan.
 Kyoto was old capital  for 1074 years since 794 until capital was relocated to Tokyo.
 Kyoto produced a lots of Japanese own culture during the capital period.
 When you visit to Japan, do not miss a chance to visit there.



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