Yoshi went to Kyoto, one of the old capital in Japan in February. Kyoto was very quiet due to off sightseeing season.

Since 794, Kyoto was capital for 1074 years until capital was relocated to Tokyo.

Lots of temples and shrines are there and this town was the origin to establish so called Japan original culture based on Buddhism. You can feel, touch, smell, taste these culture everywhere in this town.

Funsoi Specialist says this town is  located very best place from Funsoi point of view and this is the reason why this town is flourished so long years.
From Tokyo to Kyoto, it will take two  hours and ten minutes by bullet train. 

First Yoshi visited Called "Path of Philosophy". This walkway along the small river has been a place for contemplative strolls since a famous scholar, Ikutaro Nishida, took his constitutional here.

Yoshi enjoyed a small walk along the path without thinking philosophical issues and reached to Ginkakuji Temple, one of the most famous sights, a wonderful villa type temple. This temple was established in 1482 by Ashikaga Yoshimasa, the eighth Muromachi Shogunate as Zen Temple and he spent his retired life here. There are several buildings and beautiful garden there. Photo on thins top page is one of the most famous architecture called "Kannonden". According to the guide book, this is built with tow storied: first floor " Shinkunden" is built in Shion Style, traditional Japanese residential architecture style and the second floor "Chouonkaku" is Chinese temple style. This is the one of the most beautiful architecture which is the best match between Japanese and Chinese style. Another building, called "Togudo" was built 100% Japanese style. You can see the difference between the two architecture.

Yoshi visited several other temples and shrines in Kyoto and ate a lot of delicious Japanese food with beer and gain a lot after this trip.

Path of Philosophy
Ginkakuji Temple
Kannonden, Mixture of Japanese and Chinese style
Tougudou, Japanese style
Stone Garden in Koudaiji Temple
Kyoto Style Housing


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