In the bigining of April, we are enjoying one of the most beautiful landscape around the nation. Yes, "Cherry blossoms are in full bloom."
I visited sevral places where cherry blossoms are beautifully blooming. The title photo above is 180years old weeping cherry tree which is located
20 minutes drive from my home.
I also visited one of the old castle town called "Takada" which is 5 hour drive from my home.
Tkaada is famous for sightseeing spot for beautifully lighted up 4000 cherry blossoms in the castle park.
I stayed Takada one night and enjoy light-up cherry blossoms watching and nice wine.
An old saying, "Chrismas comes but once a year". We Japanese saying, "Cherry blossoms bloom but once a year"
Fully enjoy yourself if you have a chance and do not miss it. 


Lighted up cherry blossoms reflected in the water Takada Castle
Lighted up cherry blossoms tunnel

Cherry blossoms and Takada Castle 




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