Rising Sun shines on the top of the Mount Fuji


I made a short trip to Nagoya which is located 350km west from Tokyo to see cherry blossoms. I drove to West by express way along the seaside I saw Mt Fuji shined by rising Sun and Cherry blossoms at Hamana Lake. After the 6 hour drive, I arrived Nagoya. Nagoya is the third largest metropolitan area in Japan and HQ of Toyota motor company is there. Nagoya is famous for the Nagoya Castle which was build by Tokugawa Shogun. At the top of the roof, there are two golden imaginary sea animal (with the head of tiger and the body of a fish). Total 18K gold weight is 90kg. People of Nagoya are very proud of it. Nagoya is also famous for the miso soup noodle and broiled eel. I enjoyed both of them very much. I drove back to Tokyo by mountainside express way. At the foot of Mt. Eight Peak, cherry blossoms has not bloomed yet but enjoy fresh air very much.
Hope to deliver smell of cherry blossoms and miso soup noodle, and wind breeze of fresh air to you

Hamana Lake Nagoya Castle built in 1612 by Shogun. Rebuilt in 1959
Castle main building ruins and cherry blossoms Petals of cherry blossoms are falling like a snow fall
Road is covered by petals of the cherry blossoms Akadake in Mt. Eight Peaks

Mt. Eight Peak Whole View



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