In Japan, new term starts in many places. New semester starts in school, freshmen and women start to work, new fiscal year starts in government.

This year, new mandatory insurance is introduced to take care of aged people. We have to pay another tax for it. Economy seems going up and people are ready to spend but have no idea to where. Asset management company are offering many kind of mutual fund to invest and doing good businesses. 

Most fashionable product in Japan now is "i-mode", mobile phone with internet access device. Japan Telephone company launched this product Feb 99 and now they have over 5 mil subscribers as of March 31 this year.  With this mobile phone, you can send e-mail to another phone and access  web page. for bank transfer , ticket reservation etc. Telephone company is planning to introduce new system in 2001 with which you can enjoy downloading music, sending movie to your friends etc. Internet access device is moving from PC to mobile device which can access internet form everywhere. Become more and more interesting !





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